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Effortless Elegance for the Sunny Season

Effortless Elegance for the Sunny Season

Can you believe summer is almost here? Working in fashion means we are always a few seasons ahead of the actual calendar (we’re finalizing Spring 2025 at the moment). As Memorial Day is only a few weeks away, I want to highlight how you can take summer trends and make them timeless with Toccin.
● The fabrics of summer are crochet and linen. Their textures are not only functional, but they’re also fashionable. Crochet and linen are super breathable which is key for comfort during warmer months. Visually, their textures keep a look from falling flat which is good to know if you love a monochromatic look as much as I do.

● Nautical-inspired stripes are always trending during the summer. Stripes are usually limited to t-shirts and sweaters, which can make them lean a little too sailor. We’re using stripes in different silhouettes, like dresses and silk sets for an elevated and elongated use of the classic print.
● Summer whites are a thing for a reason. This summer blues and whites are the neutrals of the season as most of us will be or wish we are seaside.

● Getting dressed can be a challenge, getting dressed for summer heat can be an even bigger one. Sets will be your summer uniform. We have several sets in our summer collection to help keep you stylish and comfortable as the temperatures rise. They’re a great investment as you instantly have one outfit (my favorite as it's so easy). Plus, each piece can be styled separately with tops and bottoms you already have for a more casual look.

Can't wait to see how and where you're wearing her! Please post your photos, and don't forget to tag us @toccin.official.